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I don't see an "Unsubscribe" link here, and I want to do so. Am I just
missing it somehow?
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I recently upgraded from JAWS Pro 9 to JAWS Pro 13. I paid $550.00 for the
upgrade of JAWS and $200.00 for the SMA.

Dave Durber

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Actually it was upgrading from 5 on my personal computer and that cost me
$400 for letting my SMAs lapse. I believe the charge for the SMA for 14
15 was around $120. For anyone who can afford it, staying current with
is a wise thing to do.

I should also mention that I have the home edition of XP, and JAWS costs
more for anyone with a pro edition of Windows, so it could have been

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Joni, as you say, ouch. But for anyone who doesn't know and might be
intimidated, you were upgrading all the way from JAWS 6 to 13. As you
an SMA is less than half that price so long as you keep current.

Again, I'm not commenting on FS's pricing policy, just making sure no one
put off more than need be.

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