Re: links not working on web sites


What is being described, and Ted did a good job with "plain gunked up," is browser cache corruption.   Your browsing history is not related to browser cache in any meaningful way.  It's just a compiled list of the URLs/links you've visited, so clearing browsing history itself doesn't generally help at all.

Every web browser has its own method of clearing browser cache and you can find what it is for yours by doing a web search on the name of the browser you're using along with "clear cache."

Personally, I find a number of the "in browser" cache clearing processes very slow.  I have been using Piriform's CCleaner utility for years now and one of the cleanup things I have it do is to clear browser cache.  I run it about once a month or so, or anytime I start getting very irregular behavior in a browser that can't be explained (and that hasn't happened in a very long while since I've been routinely cleaning browser cache).


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