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I think the confusion was what the number is that follows each word.


If a word appears 5 times in your document it will be followed by the number 5. This is very useful to find out what is the most common word.




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Subject: Re: searching for a word


Those words are the words which are in that document window, in this case, your email. If the word, John, is in the message, once you pull up the word list press the letter J, the name john will show up in the list because the name John is in the document. Press inter to select the name John as your Word, now when you are in the body of the message and press the letter W it will take you to every place where the word or name John is. The reason you hear things like JFW is because that tag is in all of the messages from our list messages and if you pull up the word list in our messages you will get it. I am going to type the word Pat five times, pull up your word list and press the letter P until you hear pat, then enter, every time you press the letter W you will be brought to the context where the word/name Pat is. You see, pat, ha, more Pat and so on. I use this word list almost every day in different ways. HTH  


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Subject: Re: searching for a word


I have never really used this word list feature. When I press Insert+Control+W it brings up a list of items (95 in total), some of them are things like jFW (13), Groups (11) and so on. What does that number in parenthesis mean? Then there are also a bunch of just random words in that list, how did they get there, how do you assign a word? This might be a useful feature, but I don’t totally get the overall concept.



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Subject: Re: searching for a word


You can set the word that you want to search for by pulling up your word list with control/insert/W then once you assign the word you use the letter W to find that word whenever you want within the document or webpage.


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Sent: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 2:53 PM
Subject: searching for a word


What is the JAWS command to search for a word etc. in an open email message in Outlook 2010?




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