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I called FS asking to be notified by email. They said SMA stuff on their site so asked where? They said:

go to search edit box and type

Jaws SMA renewal
But sometimes I forget so I wrote to
I should have stated that FS could also save on mailing costs.
BTW I have always just called FS and gave them my cc number without my signature.
Here is what I asked FS:
Dear Management at FS:
You state that your company fosters the independence for the blind so I suggest that active clients on your database not only receive a printed letter in the mail but also receive an email notifying him or her that their SMA for renewal for Jaws or OpenBook or other products are due. If paid by a specific date then the FS discount applies.
I would imagine when you automatic snail mail a letter notifying customers that their SMA is expiring, that many may not open the letter on time and more would renew because they would automatically know via email. This is a very simple implementation and could be triggered when your letters are triggered.
I know that this form letter appears on your web site but an email would remind all of us about new upgrades to all FS software and products.
Just an idea to improve my own independence.

Ann Marie Medlar

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Good observation: "...fill it out online, then snail mail it to FS.

I guess they need a valid signature? Seems a strange way to do it in this
day and age of electronic signatures. And isn't there a fax number, at the
very least?

I'd just do it over the phone and get instant gratification. And save the

Dave Carlson
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I looked at the online form to fill out to update my SMA. You can
fill it out online, then snail mail it to FS. What????

In light of the recent discussion about JAWS SMAs, I just received notice
email that my SMA renewal is on its way by snail mail. I assume many of us
whose SMAs run out with JAWS 13 will be receiving the email and/or the

I just can't wait to spend more money!
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