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If you were to get the Leasey Advanced scripts from Brian Hartgen you get access to a big list of emoticons ☺ 😀 ☹ 😛


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yes I to would like to know the ancer to this as well. I know that in past versions of jaws it would read the smilies how ever I have not found a way in versions of jaws from 17 and 18 for jaws to read the smiles. now if you spell out the smiles instedof using the simbles it reads them just fine. for instince if I was just to say smile jaws would read it but if it is just a simble jaws wont read it. at least it wont read it like a smile itwill read it the way the simble is. from Mich.

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Hi, I'll add to this question. Is there a way to place a smile in the text - other than the "

On 2/3/2017 4:03 PM, Mike Rogers wrote:
Does Jaws have a way to read the smile emoticons? And thanks for help
in getting an hourly chime. It works really well.



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