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Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

Thanks Mike. I knew I had heard of paste special, but could not figure out
how to do it while troubleshooting my issue. I will save this clear
description for future reference.


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Hi Joni,

Below is a different way to achieve the same goal.
Try the following to remove html formatting from source material copied from
web based resources.
1. Highlight the text you want to copy.

2. Copy it to the windows clipboard with CTRL+C.

3. Return to your open document.

4. When you get to the place you want to insert your copied material press


5. Up-arrow until you hear Jaws say "paste special...."

6. Press enter and up-arrow until you hear Jaws say "paste as unformatted

text" and press enter.

This will remove all of the HTML formatting from your copied material and

insert it into your document.

Be advised that your cursor will be at the bottom of the inserted material

and you will need to use the appropriate reading commands to get to the

beginning of your text.

I use the above steps with XP, Word 2002, & all versions of Jaws. I haven't
tried it on my Windows7 system, yet!

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