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I would be very interested. Could you send it to me?


On 2/1/2017 1:21 PM, Sugar wrote:
I have one that I have used for years. there is options of drifferent clock
sounds. No talking
I currently hav a Cu cu sound that chimes every hour. I can change to every
15 minutes, 30 or 45 or hour in a half
If anyone is interested do let me know and I cn send it to you

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I downloaded the Talking Desktop Clock, and here's my obbservations. Thanks
for the help. The chime works just fine. The one downside is the choice of
sounds. I was hoping for a clock chime, but the choices didn't have one.
I'm using one called "Mello". It's a gentle musical sound and works for me.
Ther's also voices that speak the time, on the hour or more often.



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