Re: What kind of tech support is that?

Kimber Gardner


Here are the instructions FS sent me for deleting all settings.

To set JAWS to the defaults:

If you are using any third party scripts, back them up first.

1. Press the windows logo key to open the Start Menu.

2. Press the letter P for Programs or go to the all programs sub-menu.

3. Press the letter J till you come to the JAWS version you are
looking for and press enter.

4. Press Enter on Explore JAWS.

5. Down arrow to explore my settings and press Enter.

6. Press control+A to select all settings then hold down the shift key
and press the delete key. If prompted, press enter on yes.

7. Restart JAWS.

On 11/3/11, Robert Logue <> wrote:
How does one reset user dialog items to default? I could not find that in
settings center.

I wonder what happens if one deletes everything in the user folder including
all the sub folders. Would Jaws recreate them or would this really mess it

For example:
PlaceMarkers File Folder
PersonalizedSettings File Folder
Sounds File Folder
transient-session File Folder
transient-focus File Folder

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Agree that the suggestion is nebulous, but it just underscores that they
don't have a clue, or that they can't duplicate what you're experiencing.
The latter is usually what happens to me -- their exact setup matching
works just fine for them.

As to their suggestion of "resetting the JAWS user settings" all I can
of is either clear out all your user-defined scripts from the ENU folder
(which you only do after backing them all up somewhere), or using the
settings center and setting the user dialog items to their default values.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: What kind of tech support is that?

Hi All,

A week or so ago I posted to the list an issue I was having with Jaws
13 where in my braille display freezes at random times in random
applications. I emailed FS tech support as well and here is the answer
I received.

"Please try resetting your JAWS user settings. This often clears up
issues of this type."

Now maybe it's me, but what the heck kind of tech support is that? I
mean this is a brand new release and I'm reporting an issue that has
never happened in earlier releases and *that* is the answer I get?

Really FS needs to do better by its long-time customers.


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