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Adrian Spratt

Hamid, I'm copying below most of a ten-day-old thread that I believe
addresses your question.

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You can add symbols by editing the *.sbl files in your jaws profile
directory (either your personal user profile or the all users pdirectory)

For example, I have added the following to my c:\Users\All Users\Freedom

Symbol138=U+3A3=Cap Sigma
symbol139=u+03c3 11111111 small sigma
Symbol140=U+00FB 11111111 Checkmark

to the American English section.

And now jaws speaks those particular characters. Note that after editing the
.spl file you have to restart jaws, it does not pick up the changes
automatically. Also, in order to edit the shared profile, you either need to
change the security permissions on the files or run your editor as

I learned of this after asking FS basically the same question.

On 9/27/11, Zaheer Sheikh <> wrote: Hey Mike,

I use alt+251 to insert the Square Root symbol. As you already mentioned,
jaws will read it as letter "v". You can add the Square Root symbol in the
default dictionary manager, and then jaws will read it correctly.

This is how I did it:

1. Open notepad.
2. Press ALT+251, this will insert the Square Root symbol.
3. Note that Jaws will read the Square Root symbol as letter "V".
4. Select and copy the symbol without any spaces.
5. Open the Jaws default dictionary manager from the Jaws utilities
6. Select the Add button to add new entry in the Dictionary.
6. Paste the symbol in the "Actual word" edit box.
7. Type "Square Root" in the "Replacement word" edit box.
8. Tab to OK.

Hope this helps,

Zaheer Sheikh

On 9/27/11, Adrian Spratt <> wrote: Mike,

I don't have a definite answer, but here are three possibilities to explore:

1. Add 0 before the 251 code. Thus 0251

2. In the past, some listers came to the conclusion that the process you
describe produces not ASCII, but ANSI code. I've just now been looking
around the Net for an ANSI codes list, but I couldn't find an accessible one
quickly. It might be worth a try.

3. I may be reading this wrong, but an ASCII table I just looked at
indicates that the ASCII code for square root isn't 251, but 252.

Let us know if you find an answer.

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Hi Dave;

The ascii code for the checkmark / square root symbol is supposed to be, Alt

+ 251, but when this ascii symbol is typed inserted, Jaws reads the
+ letter,
V. I am assuming this is because, possibly anyways, that the checkmark /
square root symbol resembles the letter, V. What do you think? Also, I as of
yet, have found no way to add extra symbols to the symbols list, i.e.,
Insert + 4 on the number row. Thank you very much for your reply. Take care.

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You know about the Insert+4 symbols list, I'm sure. However it does not have
these in the list. I'd sure like to find out how to add symbols to this

Other than that, you'll need to find out the ASCII character code or
graphical code equivalent to these and use the numpad to enter them. Hold
down Alt and type the numbers from the numpad to insert special characters.

Dave Carlson From my Dell Latitude 630.

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Subject: Checkmark / Square Root symbol

How do I type a checkmark / square root symbol using Jaws?

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Subject: Symbol announcement by JAWS

Hi all,

I have found out that some special symbols within a text are completely
ignored by jaws. I am meaning those that are not among the usual
punctuations. For instance, some mathematical symbols like times, which
looks like a cross, meaning multiplication, is correctly announced by Jaws.
However, another symbol which represents proportionality [∝] is completely
ignored by jaws. I could define a dictionary entry for such symbols. But I
am just wondering if there is a more elegant way to define how to announce a
symbol for jaws. Any idea is welcome!



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