Jaws 11 / Focus 40 BT

Richard Holloway

My daughter has been using her FS Focus 40 BT in uncontracted braille mode with Jaws 11 for quite a while, but she had use one before in contracted mode. I believe she said it always displays contracted but she has to type uncontracted. I actually didn't realize the keyboard was running uncontracted as she flies along pretty quickly and it looks the same to confused sighted parents like myself trying to keep track of our braille-using kids.

Can someone tell me how to toggle between contracted and uncontracted (grade 2 / grade 1) please? I suspect it is a simple keystroke, but I'm not finding the solution in the print manual, nor does my third grader see it in the braille version. (She's actually often able to find things like this for herself.)

Thanks so much for any help with this.

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