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Itt has been a decade or more since I had to work with APA style but I think that there was an option in MS Word that would format documents--including citations--conforming to APA style. If not, there were add-ons for MS Word to assist you. Check out the APA web site or call APA by telephone. They are in Washington D.C (area code 202.)

If you cannot find a solution then reply by e-mail to me. I've got some pull at APA headquarters--my major professor and best buddy is Frank Farley, a recent past president of APA.



NO, I didn't take it that way at all. It is just nice to have something (a
tool) to use that would make the job just a tad easier. I think all students
should know the basic format of creating a citation for their papers, but
tools to make it easier is always nice.



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