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gary melconian <globcastcapital@...>

Hello I used to make use of a different screenreade which had support for
quickbooks 2004, in the past when I was in the accounting field working for
KPNG if you would like I can post the features that I made use of and the
features that I would like to see in a script for quickbooks with jaws. I
will shortly repost that information as I have to look for in my numerous
emails that I have from the past. I am a professional accountant and
offerer services in tax, bookkeeping and computerized accounting, and it
would really help me out as I do have clients who make use of quickbooks and
for reason that I know that jaws would not want to take this up in the past
I could not service these clients and I had to refer them to others in my
field inw which they refered me tax client as a means of referring them
quickbooks which I could not do to the fact that jaws never had any interest
in supporting quickbooks and application to make blind business individuals
more productive in their business an they had to seek other means in
accomplishing the job and that is why most who can afford to hav two
screenreader go that route since frredom scientific idea of access is to the
basic and not to think out of the box with client side applications that can
make the blind more productive and third party guys like yourself have
to learn the scripting language which is more complicated for the average
individual to grasp an there is no scripting wizard which could scan the
program for inaccesibiltly hooks like an antivirus or spyware program, an
then ask the average individual how to script the application through a
wizard of choices an then having a means of testing the choices made from
the scripting wizard. Just a thought for someone who is thinking of a very
useful idea. So count me in as a user and a tester when you decide ot have
yoru quickbooks scripts for jaws as my field and experience would make it
very useful for your testing purposes.
Sincerely Yours:
Gary Melconian, MBA, CPA and JD candidates
Mobile: 818-731-3949

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