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Gudrun Brunot

Hey, all ye titans of the interfaces! I need your help here: A woman called me today. She is not your typical project manager from a translation company. She is a woman fired up by intense passion. In her possession is an old diary from the 17th century. She has a grandfather, 7 times removed who was the mayor of a very large region of Germany. In addition to that, he was a stone setter, a healer, and benefactor of the people under his domain. She has his diary, and she wants it translated from German into English. A friend we both have in common had recommended me to her.


The diary is in old German. Kurzweil 1,000 actually has an old German setting under its recognition, language. Unfortunately, when I applied that to my settings and opened the document, I got an error message indicating that the program, Kurzweil, had encountered a problem and was not responding. Windows was trying to find a solution (yeah). I tried to hit debug, but got essentially the same message. Now, just so you know, I can use Kurzweil with other languages, and it opens the document just fine.


Would PdF Exchange Viewer be able to deal with this?


Any help greatly appreciated.





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