Re: What kind of tech support is that?

Kimber Gardner

Thanks Matthew, I am going to try this.

And thanks to everyone else for your input. I realize that my
description is rather vague, but given the randomness of the
occurrence, it's about as specific as I can be.

My hope in contacting FS was two fold: first that if perhaps they had
heard the same report from others that there might have been a more
solid solution. second, that if they do hear the same report in future
that they might investigate something more conclusive than "try
deleting your settings."

I appreciate all the ideas that were offered.


On 11/2/11, Matthew Bullis <> wrote:
I believe you should be able to simulate resetting your Jaws settings if you
unload Jaws and then use the run dialog with Windows key R, then type
jaws13 /default
This way, it will reload Jaws, but it will act like it did when first
installed. Then you can see if the problem clears up.

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