Re: JFW and Logos 6

Merv Keck <blind5sparrow@...>

Logos has not been very accessible in years. I used Logos 4 Platinum edition
when I had some useable vision. And someone bought me Logos 7 Platinum
Edition a few months ago. I gave it back because it was not very accessible.
When I called them they were aware that it was not accessible but did not
have a solution to the problem.
I have heard of people using some of the features in Logos six with a lot of
work arounds. But it is not a simple process.

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I installed Logos 6 on my Windows 10 computer running the latest JFW 18. I
did this because the customer support person said it would work with Jaws.
However, I can't get Jaws to read anything. Does anyone have any tips fthat
will help?


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