Yahoo's New Inbox

Rick Miller

Hello All:

Yahoo has recently upgraded its e-mail system, and I am having a terrible time with it. First of all, after I log in and then find the "Go to Inbox," link and hit the Enter key, JAWS always says, "Applications Mode On." I've discovered that with applications mode on you can do such things as view your purchases, which I don't like. Is there a way you can turn Applications Mode off? I do not see such an option in JAWS Verbosity.

Second, after I locate the messages in my inbox, I cannot figure out how to go from folder to folder. The older Yahoo Mail was so much easier to handle.

Another thing that I find annoying about the new inbox is that JAWS does not designate whether messages are read or unread.

In order to use Yahoo's new inbox you have to have JAWS 11 or higher, and Internet Explorer #8. It will not work with IE #7. If you use it with IE #7 JAWS will crash. Have any of you had much success using Yahoo's new inbox with JAWS?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Rick Miller

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