Re: What kind of tech support is that?


Sorry, but that is typical tech support from any company given the limited description of your problem.
Tech support couldn't recreate your problem and sent a vanilla solution.
Intermittant problems are very difficult to resolve.

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Subject: What kind of tech support is that?

Hi All,

A week or so ago I posted to the list an issue I was having with Jaws
13 where in my braille display freezes at random times in random
applications. I emailed FS tech support as well and here is the answer
I received.

"Please try resetting your JAWS user settings. This often clears up
issues of this type."

Now maybe it's me, but what the heck kind of tech support is that? I
mean this is a brand new release and I'm reporting an issue that has
never happened in earlier releases and *that* is the answer I get?

Really FS needs to do better by its long-time customers.


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