left mouse button

Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...>

Hello people!

Here's my speech. For downloading of files, I use free download manager: agood multilanguage download manager and also the windows's one: I don't recommend the last one for large files.

Free download manager allows adding of sounds for the different operations doing with it. I make this with the help of left mouse button, because otherwise it doesn't show the button with whose help I can get the menu, my folders and of course my files. So I add sounds and it's successful, and the downloading is pleasant. With jaws17. Now I'm with jaws18. And because of any problems with free download manager, i had to uninstall it and reinstalled it again. But, the sounds are off too. By the known way, i've begun to install the sounds but! By pressing of left mouse button no anounncements, no information as it was with jaws17. Where's the decision? Maybe any settings or?

Of course it's also possible without sounds but with elected sounds is pleasant. So thank you for any information and suggestions!


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