Re: copying text from a web page

Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

I was having trouble copying from web pages also with JAWS 12. Someone on
another list told me to try changing something in the adjust JAWS options
dialog while in Internet Explorer.

I hit insert v and then arrowed down a few times to virtual cursor options.

The first item said select and copy full content using on screen highlight.
I pressed the spacebar to toggle it to say select and copy from virtual
cursor. I then hit alt c to close the dialog. So far the setting has stuck
for me and it copies and pastes plain text into Word, without all of the
links and headings. It was a nice simple solution once I knew about it.


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Subject: copying text from a web page

When I want to copy text off a web page, I select the text, use ctrl-c, then
paste it into notepad. this gets rid of all html (I think) and you get
plain text you can copy into Word or elsewhere. I used to do this for
medical transcription, especially drug names, then found that the medical
transcription software (ChartNet) pasted the html coding asociated with the
drug name instead of the plain text of the drug name. ChartNet is based on
Word so that might be why the html stuff was showing up instead of plain

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