Re: Can I toggle off AdBlocPlus, and how?

Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.

Thanks Mike and Brian. I didn’t try other browsers, but I did call Apple. They assumed it was a broken link and just took care of it by phone, after I got to the 4th tech support person.


Thanks for your help, Keith


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Subject: Re: Can I toggle off AdBlocPlus, and how?


Hi Keith,


Have you tried a different browser?  Below are steps on how you access Ad Blockers settings, but there isn't an option to turn it off:


File path:
C:\Program Files\Adblock Plus for IE\html\templates\index.html


1. Open Ad Block Plust in the Programs Files folder.
2. Open the HTML folder.
3. Open the Templates folder & inside you'll find:
These are the settings when you first installed the program & are the
default settings.


Open this to change your options / settings.  Arrow down to, Allow some
non-intrusive advertising, & uncheck this box if you don't want any ads to

Take care.
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Subject: Re: Can I toggle off AdBlocPlus, and how?


Hi Brian,


I have a repair request in to Apple for a defective charging cable. I rported this by phone.


They sent me an email which has a link to a secure server for a payment. When I click on the link, I get the webpage to open, but there’s nothing topical on that page for me to enter upon. Supposedly, its to enter a credit card. I get a page with various links, such as iPhone, iPad,Mac, contact, etc. Nothing I’ve done brings up anything resembling a process for entering a credit card number.


If you can help, I’D be most appreciative. Maybe I’ll just get back on the phone to Apple.


Thanks, Keithp


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Subject: Re: Can I toggle off AdBlocPlus, and how?



           If I might ask, what are you trying to do?  [I'm not trying to pry for content, but strictly for method.]

           Adblock Plus should not have any effect on replying via, say, a web form or web-based e-mail interface unless the creator of either of those happens to block their loading if ads they want on the page are being blocked from loading.

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