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Thanks for letting me know.

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Legend has it that on Friday 1/20/2017 04:13 PM, Adi Kushnir said:

Elita Group ltd, is happy to announce the release and availability
of the 2nd generation ElBraille Windows 10 portable computer with
speech and Braille input/output, model W14JG2.

Over the last year, the ElBraille device has undergone a huge
manufacturing overhaul, and today, we are happy to offer the best in
class notetaker type device, on the most opened desktop platform.
For those of you who come to CSUN, you will be able to see the
device at the Freedom scientific booth.
Please find attached the ElBraille quick start guide, which also
contains it's full technical specifications.
Also, I am happy to announce, that we are already finalizing our
work on a version of the ElBraille for the 40 sell Focus Blue
display, which will make any existing current generation Focus Blue
display a full Windows PC.
This device will be also presented during CSUN.

The second generation ElBraille is already shipping, and we have
lots of happy users in all parts of the world.

I am here to answer any question you may have about the product.

Best regards,

Adi Kushnir.

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