copying text from a web page

Brian <bvarner05@...>

When I want to copy text off a web page, I select the text, use ctrl-c, then
paste it into notepad. this gets rid of all html (I think) and you get
plain text you can copy into Word or elsewhere. I used to do this for
medical transcription, especially drug names, then found that the medical
transcription software (ChartNet) pasted the html coding asociated with the
drug name instead of the plain text of the drug name. ChartNet is based on
Word so that might be why the html stuff was showing up instead of plain

By the way, I was having problems with Internet Explorer being very slow to
open and going to links as new pages, etc. I tried to get rid of add ons
under internet options and when I'd get to the manage add ons button, JAWS
wouldn't navigate to the list of add ons reliably. FS support said JAWS
doesn't read this area very well. Then I was told to upgrade to Internet
Explorer 8. I was running 7. I tried doing that a couple of years ago and
had issues. A computer programmer friend came over and we had to reinstall
version 7 because XP seemed to be impossibly conjoined to version 7. This
morning, I downloaded IE 8 and things seem to be running much better. I've
not gotten stuck in the tool bar (yet) but now I'll be trying ctrl-F6 thanks
to the advice from this list.

Hi folks! I am having problems copying and pasting text from a web-site to
a document. Not sure why, but I've never experienced this with other jaws
versions. Other than this, jfw 13 works fairly well for me.

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