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You beat me to the punch Pablo. Just wanted to add one thing: if your cells already contain values and you merge them you get a message that only the value of the top left cell is retained. Keep this in mind, it is better to merge the cells first.

For example:

I opened a blank Excel sheet and put "How to merge cells" in A1, A2, B1 and B2 (I paste this small 2-row, 2-column table below to demonstrate:






I then held down the shift key when I was on A1 and did one down arrow and one right arrow to highlight these 4 cells, then I did what Pablo explained: Control+1, it already put me on the "Alignment" tab and I pressed tab until I got to "Merge Cells" which is a checkbox and which Pablo already explained you can activate with the Alt+M shortcut.

Then I tabbed to OK and as soon as I pressed it I received the warning that only the top left value would be retained, I went ahead and now had A1 to B2 as a merged single cell, but only "How" was there as "to merge cells" was in the other 3 cells.






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After you have selected the cells that you want to merge, press control 1 on the number row, then press control tab to navigate to the Alignment Tab, then press alt + m, later press enter. That is it.




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Subject: how to merge cells in Microsoft excel 2007


Hello All,


Please, how can I merge multiple cells containing both rows and column on excel 2007 using jaws 17.

Meanwhile, what does it mean to make use of border and filter in excel.


sincere regard.





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