JAWS Not Starting At The Windows Log-in Screen, A Possible Fix, Updated

Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Again All,
Note: The steps below were performed running Windows 7 & JAWS versions 15 thru 18.  These steps won't work with Windows 8 or 10, & why they won't is below my steps.
For those of you that have Jaws set to start at the Windows log-in screen, but it doesn't, this might work for you.  I looked in, msconfig, & found that JAWS Freedom Scientific wasn't at the top of the list on the Start-up Page / Tab, so this is what I did.
1. Press, Windows key + R, to open the run dialog.
2. Type, *msconfig*, without the stars, & press enter.
3. Press, control + tab, until you get to the, Start-up Page / Tab.
4. I arrowed down the list, & unchecked any items above, JAWS Freedom Scientific, on the Start-up Page / Tab.
Note: Only uncheck the items / programs above JAWS Freedom Scientific, & nothing else.  Pay close attention to what you uncheck because you are going to recheck these items / programs shortly.
5. Tab to the, Okay, button, press the spacebar, & tab 1 time to, Restart, & press enter to restart your computer.
6. Once your computer is booted up repeat steps 1 thru 3, & you will notice that JAWS Freedom Scientific is now at the top of the list.
7. Now, arrow down the list of items / programs on the Start-up Page / Tab, check the items / programs that you unchecked previously, & repeat step #5.
Now Jaws should start on the Windows log-in screen when your computer starts.  I did the above steps on 4 different computers, both desktop & lattop, &I'm not going to say it works everytime, but it sure works most of the time, which I can say is a damn site better than before I followed the above steps.
Take care.
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From: jyandt.martin@...
I followed your instructions and when I got to the Start Up Page tab, I
could not arrow down any list. I pressed the tab button and still did not
find any programs list for start up. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
From: Reed
This doesn't work with Windows 10.  In 10, when you get to that StartUp tab,
you have to click on a link that takes you to Task Manager.
In my 10, the items in the StartUp tab seem to be sorted by name; not the
order of running.  Also in my 10, I have an Enable/Disable button as opposed
to a check/uncheck items.  So, I'd have to do more research to determine the
order in which the programs are loaded and how to change this order.
I've done a Google search and can't find anything that tells me how to do it

From: Scorpio
That's because anything from Windows 8 and up, the configuration file does
not handle start up items, the task manager does.

It will only work from Windows 7 and down.

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