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Thanks for sharing your experience. However, does not work for me that way here with Win 10 and latest IE explorer. When I go to the return center, either through the website directly or through the link in the email I got when ordering the product,  I have a list of orders from most recent on top and in a descending list I then enter on the one I want and there is only one check box which JAWS announces as unchecked There is a continue button but it does not go anywhere until that box get checked. Possibly your order has many different things in it? The other thing I don’t understand is how your checkbox got checked if you didn’t do it?


This is all relatively new behavior over last couple of months. I used to return things all the time with absolutely no problems.




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Hi Al,


I just returned something the other day, & when I went to the page there were several checkboxes for the item I wanted to return, but as I arrowed down past a few checkboxes there was the item I wanted to return already checked.  The checkboxes I arrowed past were only unchecked checkboxes, & it was the 4th or 5th checkbox down that had the products name, & Jaws reported checkbox checked.

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Has anyone found a way to process a return on the site. I used to do it all the time but they must have changed something on the site and I cannot check the box of the item I want to return and proceed from there. Very frustrating.  I have tried with both JAWS 17 & 18



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