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It is always encouraging to read that something one does every day cannot be done.

I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking for years.  With a little help with the set-up, Dragon Naturally Speaking works pretty well.  It works better with one of the middleware packages, but if one works in a large corporation or where data security is a priority, the middleware products are a huge pain and often conflict.

So, one may indeed use Dragon Naturally Speaking without a middleware product.  Trying to install and train on your own, however, is a challenge.

Is it worth the effort?

Until version 11.5, I would have said “NO.”  The benefits just were not there.  Dragon made too many mistakes.  For versions after 11.5, however, the recognition is so good that it is definitely worth the effort, particularly if you create a great deal of original text.


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hi to my knollige it doesn’t. you have to have that third party softwhere to bridge the gap between jaws and draggin. even then from what I have herd from people who have tried this it is a real bitch to try to get these 2 programs to coroperate properly to make them selvs work together. hth. from Mich.


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Does anybody know if Dragon  Naturally Speaking works with JAWS without a third party software such as Jaw Bones? 




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