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I'll risk this one off-topic reply out of concern for your predicament. Keep
in mind that the Americans with Disabilities Act's accommodations are not a
contractual matter. So don't get cornered into an impossible position based
on the contract.

I'd also urge you to assume the best. Start working with the software. Don't
hold yourself back for fear that it might not work for you. If you do run
into problems with it, people on this list will help, and they've already
responded to your earlier queries. FS will almost certainly also help.
Contact Brian Carver there. He has shown many JAWS users a willingness to
extend himself and FS's resources.

If worst comes to worst, contact the American Council of the Blind, in
Washington, D.C., or your local ACB affiliate. There's also the American
Association of Visually Impaired Attorneys, AAVIA, which is affiliated with

Good luck to you.

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Hi All. This new job doesn't seem to be working out. They've scheduled a
phone call tomorrow. They sent me a copy of our original accommodations
letter which doesn't state that they'll do whatever they can to accomodate
me, even if it means paying for a JAWS script to make their platform
accessible. I told them over the phone that I wouldn't know if I could do
the work until they installed the software and gave it a try but who cares.
If I didn't write that out in legal language it doesn't count. The new JAWS
13 seems to have brought new issues with it in some cases so it's hard to
know who to blame, as if assigning blame would help at this point.

My stomach is in knots. I hope I'm not screwed but until that hopey changey
stuff kicks in, reckon I'll be living in a cardboard box on the street.

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