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It occurred to me that I should just put these out on my Google Drive in case anyone wants to take a look and play with these.  The one for a business sized #10 envelope is even useful at home.  The other two are examples, anonymized, that I did for two different clients for actual work use.  The one that is the client intake form I did not put in all of the checkboxes that would be necessary under the section regarding prior health conditions, only the first two, for abdominal pain an allergies, because this was a draft, not final, copy.  Activating any of the below listed links will immediately download the noted Word document template that employs fill-in only text fields and/or checkboxes to your computer.  If you have Protected Mode enabled in MS-Word you will have to unprotect the template before you can use it.  After it is saved, and unprotected if necessary, opening the template creates a new document ready for filling in and printing and/or saving.  If you want to actually edit a form template you must open MS-Word, choose the Open File option, navigate to the template file (dot dotx file), and open it then go to the Developer Ribbon to the Restrict Editing button then remove the editing restriction.  You have to put the editing restriction back on when you're done if you don't want anything other than the various text fields and checkboxes to be able to be filled in or checked/unchecked when a new instance of a document is created using the document template file (dot dotx file).

Business Sized Commercial #10 Envelope Template

Bus Note Form Template

Massage School Client Intake Template


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