Re: Good accessible Word to PDF primer


Is there a particular reason that you want the final version to be a PDF?

I ask because I have created many MS-Word document templates whose sole purpose is to create new "fill-in-the-blank" form fields, checkboxes, etc., while ensuring that the remainder of the form either cannot be modified at all, which requires text fields to have some fixed maximum length, or such that the remainder of the form can move down the page as lengthy text is added in a text form field, but remain unchanged otherwise.

The fact that you can put both alternate text and help text (often the same thing, but not always) means that screen readers will read the alternate text when you land in a text box, checkbox, etc., and also allow you to hit F1 if you were in the middle of filling it out, got distracted by something else, and need to pick up where you left off but aren't sure exactly where you did leave off.

I use legacy form fields, not the newer Active X ones, to create these because I like the behavior (and, to be honest, ease) of these.

If you'd like a copy of one or two of these as examples I'd be happy to send them along.


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