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from this or another list, I pass this on to whom ever is interested:

I ran across a very accessible website for text based weather reports,
that is accessible. With the slow but steady decline of Braille Weather
Underground, I am now using Weather Street:

where you type in a zip code and are taken to a page that lists the
weather conditions and forecast for that area. It is very similar to
Braille Weather Underground, but it is not falling into disrepair with
the wrong dates and more recently, the statistics that are out of order
and obviously false.

This site uses headings and you can move back and forth using the H
command available in most modern screen readers.

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Well, I can't even get the weather through the research it,

So basically I stopped using the feature.

The only sport you can get is nhl.

If you want to receive the baseball standings, and the baseball scores,

I use the following,

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I agree completely! The MLB scores were great, but no more.

The problem is that the sites where ResearchIt gets the info change
their XML tags and someone has to physically get that info and amend the
query file for that ResearchIt item—an all day task, if you want to stay

The weather item you described is a great example. In certain
situations, the tag searched for is either temporarily assigned to
another item, such as with a weather advisory, or the level the original
tag was located has changed, so the query is on the wrong level for the

The tags are in the same structure as your hard drive’s directory structure.


Drive C:, User, Dennis Brown, Desktop holds my Desktop icons. Searching
that path and displaying those puppies would be simple.

But what if Microsoft added another level, such as

Drive C:, User,Administrator, Dennis Brown, Desktop , then my search
query would no longer work, since it wouldn’t find Dennis Brown under
User any longer.

So, the Weather issue would be

Weather Channel, Forecast, Daily, [whatever city or zip code data is
searched for]

and during an advisory, it inserts

Weather Channel, Advisory, Alert

It would go for the first tag after “forecast” and get “Advisory”
instead of “Daily.”

I’m reading the ResearchIt developer’s manual, and hope to have the
Baseball item done before Spring Training.

Hope this helps!


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Hi jaws users. a couple research it questions. first is all the sports
scores options are still not available in research it. NHL, NBA, MLB
college football and NFL scores aren’t available. is there any timeline
of these things coming back and any aditional search options maybe being
added in the future? think research it is great and a really easy way
to find things quickly and with the links in many results you can then
have the option of expanding on what you are researching. second
question is when I use research it to get the weather, any time national
weather service issues any alert air quality, winter storm watch or
warning or thunderstorm watch or warning, I have to click to get the
full forecast. the forecast isn’t in the result just current
conditions. a good example was yesterday. at about 7:00 eastern I
checked weather and a winter weather advisory one to three inches of
snow was forecasted. we had a holiday party with our NFB state
affiliate and it was held, but there was no way to cancel it and since
we had paid for it, I didn’t cancel, but when I checked weather again at
4:00 P.M. what had been an advisory suddenly was a warning the advisory
would have expired by 4:00 but the warning was up until 6:00. to see
the change in forecast I would have to click to get it. it seems to
defeat research it’s purpose and I sure as heck don’t want to have
another situation where I had a furious argument when I got home from
that party we are fortunate that access link didn’t shut down during
it. they had shut down in region three the southern jersey shore.

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