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Hmm, I just want that behavior only in the message headers and not emails I read, etc.

For some reason, I wanna say where I changed it doesn’t exist, or has a name change.  For some reason, my brain says adjust jaws options which I found in the list of managers, but I’m not seeing that in jfw 17, or I’d like to assume that it was in one of the ribbons, but which one, lol.



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You could just edit your JAWS dictionary file for Outlook to change the

Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer



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In outlook 2016 using latest jaws 17, how do I have it say Thursday instead of Thu? Other examples, are: Tues instead of Tuesday when I’m reading the message headers.

I think I managed to accomplish that at one point, but I don’t remember how I did it.

Thanks for any assistance.




Kimsan Song



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