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Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.

Hi Mitch,

This sounds good.

First, a question just to confirm the obvious, I think. How well does it work with JAWS and/or NVDA?

Second, how does disc audio navigation work on discs where there are different segments comprising the DVD? For example, if I have a DVD with Season one of Favorite TV Show, and from the DVD itself, I can select Episode 1, 2, or any other episode up to Episode 14, is this functionality preserved in an audio file extraction?
Thank, Keith

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dvd audio extractor. it is free to try but werth the money. you can download it from I have used it for years. from Mich.

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Subject: Extracting Audio From DVD's

Hi All,

What program could I use to extract audio from DVD's that is simple to learn and use? Thanks in advance!

Steve and Shannon Cook
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