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Last night, I used Windows-X-U-U, and that worked. There
must be a lot of ways, but I have been using Alt-F4 ever
since I've had Windows programs - 2004.

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Using Alt+F4 from the desktop or taskbar or the Windows
Key+X method seems to be the only one that is universal. If
I do what you describe, Joseph, press Windows Key and tab
once I am on the Microphone button and arrowing does

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This method isn't working on my computer. However, if I do:

1. Press Windows key.,
2. Tab once.
3. Press down arrow three times.
4. Press ENTER.

Then I'm presented with options. To me, this proves that
other alternatives are more reliable at this time.



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I hit the windows key, tab twice to start button, arrow down
4 times to "power" and hit enter, then arrow down twice to
"shut down", or three times to "restart".


On 1/4/2017 3:44 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Windows key followed by pressing up arrow twice
isn't reliable because:

* Customized Start menu layout for different
people (you can have a full screen experience, you can
rearrange tiles, and you can hide certain parts (the last
one is destined for spring 2017)).
* The overall layout of Start menu is
different between Windows 10 releases (the one that is seen
in builds 10240 and 10586 is different than that of 14393).

You may recall some forums talking about inability
for users to find power button in Start menu when build
14393 (Anniversary Update) was first released (August 2016).
This is because the overall layout of the Start menu has
changed from prior Windows 10 releases (and this is why
using the Start menu method is unreliable). I can tell you
that certain parts of Start menu (and majority of Windows+X
menu shortcuts) has changed in Creators Update (the next
major Windows 10 release scheduled to go live in a few

I'd say Windows+X method is more reliable and is
fast, as this can be invoked from anywhere, with
desktop/Alt+F4 method being a good backup procedure.



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The Windows key followed by up arrow twice does not
work for me, I think it depends on how you have customized
your start menu screen.

Definitely Alt+F4 from the desktop works, but
Windows Key+X followed by U and then by "U" or "R" depending
on whether you want to shutdown or restart works
consistently for me as well. Not sure, Joseph, why it isn't
reliable for you.



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From anywhere, just press Windows Key. I follow
with up arrow twice.

That puts you on the Power Button. Pressing it
gives you the choice of restarting, shutting down, or
putting the laptop into "sleep" mode.

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What's the keystroke sequence for shutting down
Win10 properly?

Holly Guinan, TVI
Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Regardless of the Windows tool in question,
if it's related to disk scanning and repair there is
virtually always a command line interface for it. Do a web
search using your preferred search engine on the version of
windows you're using and the tool you're using with the
words command line added in the search criteria and you
typically get pages and pages of examples. You can
definitely redirect output to a log file, too.



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