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Robert Logue

I'm just learning Outlook and Windows 10 Mail.
Here are a couple helpful pages:

Keyboard shortcuts for navigating mail in Outlook 2016:

Compare Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 with Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013

I'm impressed that Outlook and Mail work fairly well with Windows 10 anniversary Narrator.
The instructions assume the Jaws ribbon feature is turned off.



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Subject: windows live mail feedback

hi, my outlook is not working and not worth reinstalling or formatting windows for that, so, mail for windows 10 is not working for me, with jaws, so, pasting a link below to give feedback to microsoft, to see if they will reverse their decision to stop supporting windows live 2012, or to have a new updated app for windows 10. pasting the link below.

Marvin Hunkin
Blind Information Technology Student

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