Re: A JAWS accessible internet speed test?

Mike Ulrich <mulrich@...>

Hi Lee Anne,

Thanks, I appreciate it big time!

I swear, it’s like trying to crack a secret code sometimes, in just trying to peruse some websites nowadays!

Very frustrating indeed!


But thanks for your help and have a fantastical 2017!


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Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: A JAWS accessible internet speed test?


Hi Mike,


It ain't pretty or elegant but…:


1.  Navigate to   It is pretty graphics driven but if you use your OCR (JAWS key space bar followed by O followed by W) you will be able to find the graphic labeled something like "run test. 


2.  After you left click here the page will change and a tachymeter appears as the test runs.  It will go silent for approximately 45 seconds as the test runs.  You will get no audible indication it is finished.  Just be patient.    


3.  You can once again use the OCR to read the results, or there is a link "My Results."  I had trouble finding my upload speed there.  That's why I use the OCR on the prior page, but there are some other results there as well. 


Hope you can get it to work.  Happy New Year's!


Lee Anne


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Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016 6:28 AM
Subject: A JAWS accessible internet speed test?


Good morning and Sianora 2016!

I’m sure that ain’t spelled right, but Spell Check had no idea of what I was trying to type out!


Anyways, does anyone know of a fully accessible and easily understandable website where I can check my current internet speed?


Thanks & Happy 2017!......Mike


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