Re: beware of malware bytes

Charles Krugman

I have been using the latest paid version of Malware bytes with JAWS 17 with no difficulties. There were problems with JAWS and an older version but for the most part those were corrected with a newer version. Using it with JAWS does take getting used to as it involves using the JAWS cursor at times and Malware Bytes could be a bit more detailed with their explanations.

From: Lynne Moore
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 12:56 AM
Subject: Re: beware of malware bytes
Hi Group,
Marvin was just talking about Malware Bytes.  About a month ago, my Windows 7 PC got some Malware on it.  I have a virus checker and I thought that was all I needed.  Anyway, I lost a lot of files and had to reinstall windows.  I had someone run Malware Bytes for me because they said it was the best program to run, but it didn’t seem to work well with JAWS.  What do you recommend I would use that would work well with JAWS and that would also be effective?
Lynne Moore
From: marvin hunkin
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 12:05 AM
Subject: beware of malware bytes

Hi. if you use malware bytes, be aware, some versions, can mess up your system. This is what happened to my mum, she has a old Toshiba satellite running windows vista home, and she installed malware bytes, from my 8 gb usb stick, and then she did a quick scan, removed some items, then shut down, when she booted up her machine, later on that day, she plugged in the mouse, after to trying to do any thing, the arrow disappears, machine locks up, like windows explorer, lock up not responding,a white screen, all icons go, not connected to the internet. So the only way, was when she got the message, windows could not shut down properly, she went into safe mode, went to control panel, programs and feature, uinstalled malware bytes 2.2 , and then shutdown and restarted, had normal use of her machine, so I have removed it on my machine, only have super anti spyware free, avg free, and doing a windows defender scan at the moment,  for windows 10. So, try Spybot and destroy, capersky, but does need sighted help as the 2017 installer, asks you for a capture. Read this blog on david goldfield’s site, and he uses nvda, as his main screen reader. Never used that.

Sogiving a warning, malware bytes, maybe give you malware, and lock up and emss your machine, for us screen reader users, safe mode, no audio drivers, no speech.

Marvin. periodically


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