Re: getting stuck in the tool bar


IF tabbing does not get you out and just cycles through, it's usually
because the page has not finished loading. Try F5 to refresh.

I've also cursed at the whole IE interface every time I get "stuck" up there
in that area. I've turned off everything I can think of and still there are
elements that grab my cursor if I'm careless enough to tab beyond the bottom
of a page.

Don't know any answers, as it's more to do with IE7 and IE8 layout than

Dave Carlson
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I have not figured out why I seem to get "stuck" in the tool bar. I'm
running 13 now but seemed to have the same problem with 12. Sometimes I can
just hit tab a few times and get down into the page, other times hitting tab
just cycles through the toolbar. Somtimes switching to the virtual cursor
helps, other times nothing helps.

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