Running J17 Latest & J18 In Default Mode

Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Howdy Y'all,
For those that might not know this, & something I just learned today:
If you ever need to run J17 latest version, J17.0.2727, or J18 in default mode you can do this using the Layered Keystrokes feature.  Hold down the, Insert / Jaws key, then press the spacebar, to open, Layered Keystrokes, now release both keys, & press the letter, Z.  This will put Jaws in default settings mode.  This series of keystrokes is a toggle, so invoke them again to go back to running Jaws with your settings.
Note: This only works with the latest version of J17 & J18 all versions.  This will not work with any J17 versions prior to J17.0.2727.
Take care.
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