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Instead of checking and unchecking that box just right click on the link you used to open the document and choose copy shortcut then paste that in to your email i.e. get the link before you open the document.


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I hope my experience this morning is worth passing along.

I discovered a problem with one of the Adobe Reader recommended settings for
accessibility. This is the one that you uncheck the option to have Adobe
open in the Web browser. You get to that checkbox by pressing control-k
while in Adobe Reader and then tabbing through the options.

The advantage of unchecking this box is that JAWS, or another screenreader,
can avoid conflicts between Adobe and the browser. The disadvantage, as I
just realized, is that you lose the Internet address where the PDF file is
located. I was sending an item to someone and rather than attach the PDF
file, I wanted to insert the link into the body of the message. When I
restored the checkmark to the Adobe setting, the Internet address appeared
and I copied it into the message.

In the future, depending on the situation, I may find myself checking and
unchecking this item. fortunately, it's easy to get to.
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