Re: JAWS singing pour some sugar on me

Curtis Delzer

how do you get the below text to sing? I am missing something running jfw 13, here.

At 01:10 PM 10/28/2011, you wrote:
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Content-Language: en-us

¨Fvr80 ¨Fvb70 Love ¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb80 is like a bomb ¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 baby come and
get it on.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 Living like a lover ¨Fvs70 ¨Fvb80 with a ¨Fvs20 ¨Fvb80 radar
¨Fvb70 phone.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 looking like a tramp¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 like a ¨Fvs30 video vamp.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 Devil wishing woman¨Fvs70 ¨Fvb80 can I ¨Fvs20 ¨Fvb90 be ¨Fvb83
your ¨Fvb75 man.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 razzle and a dazzle¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 and a flashy little light.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 Television lover¨Fvs70 ¨Fvb80 baby ¨Fvs50 ¨Fvb90 go ¨Fvb83 all
¨Fvb75 night.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 some time any time ¨Fvs50 ¨Fvb75 sugar ¨Fvs70 ¨Fvb70 me sweet.
¨Fvs60 ¨Fvb70 Little miss ¨Fvs70 ¨Fvb80 innocent ¨Fvs20 ¨Fvb80 sugar ¨Fvb78

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