Re: JAWS and Protected View "Enable Editing" Button

Peter op t Hof


My quick and dirty solution is to save the document with Ctrl-s, Answer yes and the protection is gonne.



Op 24-12-2016 om 16:29 schreef Brian Vogel:

Hello All,

            If you haven't turned off Protected View in a given MS-Office program when you download a file opened by any program in the suite it opens in Protected View.

            On the Windows 10 group someone asked about how to get to the Enable Editing button using JAWS, and I couldn't (using JAWS 18).  I thought it might be a JAWS bug so I fired up NVDA, but get the same behavior.

             My first thought on getting to that button was, "Use the screen reader search for 'Enable Editing'," but when you try to invoke the screen reader search in either JAWS 18 or NVDA on a document in Protected View it consistently invokes the navigation pane which is, in Word, the program's search function.  You cannot get yourself to a control like the "Enable Editing" button from there and I have no idea of what the correct and/or convenient way is to route oneself directly to that button to enable editing if one wishes to do so.

             One of my step-by-step instruction sets, Adjusting Protected View Settings in MS-Office Programs, focuses on turning off Protected View because it can be such a PITA for screen reader users.

             What am I doing wrong here?  There has to be a way to get to that control.


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