Re: Opening up devices and printers


Hello Lauren,
I just tried this for myself and there is a noticeable delay when
attempting to open Devices and Printers from the control panel with
JAWS18 or as Sieghard suggested from the search box. When I tried
opening it with Narrator, the delay seems to have been less. I am not
sure how to resolve this except to suggest that you try Narrator when
opening this area and see if the delay decreases.
Hope this helps

On 12/14/16, Lauren Snyder <> wrote:
When I use jaws to open up devices and printers under control panel it takes
forever using windows 10 and Jaws 18. However, when a sighted person does
it, they can do it right away. Anybody else with this problem or know how to
fix it?


Lauren Snyder, Ph.D.
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