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It works in 2013. I tried it, but fixed it back with ascending like I like it, but the Alt-V and going through the ribbons will get you to Arrange by, and in 2013, there are nine options. But to get it back to ascending, after getting it back, I had to go to Alt-V-V-S.

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Sharon <> wrote:
Anyone know how to group messages by sender in Windows 7? Can’t
remember the office version but it’s one that was out when Windows 7 was out.

The only version of Outlook that I have access to is Outlook 2016, where it's under the View tab, in the Arrangement group box, under the "Arrange by"
submenu. After pressing the button to invoke the submenu, you're presented with a grid of options, including the option to arrange by sender (the "from"

I don't know how different this is from older versions of Outlook, but I'm making an educated guess that it's probably similar and that if you look at the options under the View tab, you should find it.

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