JAWS Scripting with 3270 emulators

Staton, Carl R <carl.staton@...>

I am researching using JAWS with 3270 emulators. I currently have JAWS 17 and I have IBM’s PCOM and QWS3270 installed.


JAWS appears limited to ‘seeing’ 3270 characters that are Highlighted-White which requires forcing your emulator to override all colors to white and some emulators work better than others.

JAWS scripting also appears limited to ‘seeing’ as the cursor is positioned over 3270 screen characters.


I am trying to determine two basic points about JAWS scripting capabilities. 


1.       Can JAWS scripting retrieve the whole 3270 screen of characters - I see the GetLine function, but it is not obvious what it can do.

Could  a loop using the invisible cursor and GetLine function reliably pass through all 3270 rows quickly?


2.        Can scripting read any text file.  There is direct support for a couple .INI files but I do not see anything for reading text files in general.


I created a HLLAPI-based 3270 automation tool. It works with several 3270 emulators.   I would think I could drive that tool when JAWS saw any program attention key press (ie Enter), using the JAWS RUN function, and have the automation tool dump the entire screen text to a text file, along with the 3270 screen size and cursor location (row and column).  However, I do not see JAWS scripting functions to read the text file.


        If I can use the automation tool get the screen for a JAWS script, then I could also skip the need to force the emulator to override all colors to highlighted-white.


Can anyone comment on these points?


Thank you, Carl

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