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Hi Addison,
Ho, Ho, Ho, Here You Go,
Below are the direct download links & what's new for the latest JAWS 18.0.2118 update.
32 Bit:
64 Bit:
The following is a list of improvements made between the initial JAWS 18 release and the December 2016 update.
list of 11 items
• The keystroke to announce the comment at the cursor location in a Word document as well as all of the JAWS Tandem keystrokes can now be found using the
JAWS Commands Search feature (INSERT+SPACEBAR, J).
• You can now press a braille display cursor router button on a file in Windows Explorer to rename the file.
• Addressed an issue with JAWS not reading as expected after using the mouse to minimize or close the Virtual Viewer.
• Resolved an issue where some controls in the Windows Update dialog box were not being correctly identified as links when using Touch or Mouse Echo.
• When changing the setting for the User Pan Mode option in Settings Center, resolved a reported issue where the corresponding option in Quick Settings
was not getting changed.
• Addressed a customer reported issue with braille flash messages using the "err" type not working when the flash message verbosity was set to Advanced.
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS was unexpectedly restarting under some circumstances when using the Auto Graphics Labeler.
• Addressed reported issues with some Research It lookup sources not working as expected in both the Spanish and German versions of JAWS.
• A customer using the Spanish version of JAWS reported several English messages and keystroke conflicts. These have been resolved.
• In response to customer feedback, if a French keyboard has been added in Windows Regional Settings and LEFT ALT+LEFT SHIFT is pressed to switch the keyboard
language, JAWS now announces when the keyboard language changes to French.
• This update includes the latest braille display drivers from Humanware for the Brailliant BI and BrailleNote Touch.
list end
JAWS Touch Support
list of 4 items
• The three-finger flick down and three-finger flick up gestures now cycle between the panes in various applications including the Windows Mail app, Microsoft
Word, and JAWS Settings Center. This is similar to pressing F6 or SHIFT+F6 on the keyboard.
• When you move to a slider control using touch, you can now flick up or down with one finger to adjust the value of the slider.
• You can now review the contents of a command prompt window using touch gestures.
• As you explore the screen with the touch keyboard active, JAWS now plays a sound to indicate when you are on a keyboard button.
list end
Vocalizer Expressive 2.2
list of 5 items
• Resolved an issue where the Set Language as Primary button was not available as expected in the Voice Adjustment dialog box when configuring voice profiles
for certain languages.
• When creating a new voice profile, addressed an issue with certain languages where no voices were being listed in the Person combo box.
• Resolved issues with the Speak Sample button not working as expected when creating a new voice profile.
• Resolved a reported issue where there were no pauses in speech when the punctuation level was set to none.
• Addressed an issue where it was not possible to switch to the English South Africa voice using the Select a Language dialog box (WINDOWS Key+CTRL+L).
list end
Adobe Acrobat
list of 2 items
• While navigating in PDF documents, resolved an issue where focus was unexpectedly moving to a different location in the document.
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not reading graphics correctly in Acrobat Reader DC.
list end
Microsoft Excel
list of 2 items
• In the Excel 2016 spell checker, addressed a reported issue where JAWS was saying "no selected item" while navigating the list of suggestions.
• Updated the documentation for the Move to Worksheet keystroke (CTRL+SHIFT+S) to make it easier to locate using the JAWS Commands Search.
list end
Microsoft Outlook
list of 4 items
• Resolved a customer reported issue where messages were automatically being read even when the Messages Automatically Read option in Quick Settings was
turned off.
• Resolved an issue with JAWS not correctly speaking the state of check boxes when creating custom search folders.
• Improved JAWS performance when using the Outlook 2016 search (CTRL+E).
• When using the CTRL+ALT+1 through 4 keystrokes to change the Calendar view in Outlook 2016, addressed an issue where JAWS was sometimes not indicating
the view gaining focus.
list end
Microsoft Word
list of 4 items
• Added a new Quick Settings option, Include Blank Paragraphs For Paragraph Navigation, to specify whether or not blank paragraphs are included when using
CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW. When enabled, navigation in the Word document with CTRL+UP ARROW and CTRL+DOWN ARROW will include blank lines as well
as paragraphs with text. This setting is off by default which means that blank lines are skipped.
• Resolved a customer reported issue with Spanish JAWS where pressing CTRL+SHIFT+COMMA or CTRL+SHIFT+PERIOD in a Spanish version of Office to decrease
or increase the font point size was not working as expected.
• JAWS now provides better access to form fields in unprotected documents in Word 2016.
• JAWS now indicates when split buttons in Office ribbons are unavailable.
list end
list of 1 items
• JAWS now announces Sign in and Sign out notifications as well as other miscellaneous alerts that were not previously being announced reliably.
list end
Web Browsers
list of 14 items
• JAWS now includes the contents of ARIA live regions in Braille Structured Mode. A good example to see this is Google Sheets, Google's web-based spreadsheet
program. Before this change, JAWS could speak cell coordinates or contents, but this information was not displayed in braille. Now, JAWS shows in braille
not only cell coordinates such as a1, a2 etc., but can also display the entire cell contents, or what is currently being typed into a cell.
• Added support for the ARIA 1.1 features aria-posinset and aria-setsize on menu items in Firefox and on tab controls in Internet Explorer.
• In Firefox, added support for the aria-errormessage, aria-rowindex, and aria-colindex ARIA 1.1 properties, as well as role="none" and the new "figure"
• Added JAWS support for the ARIA 1.1 error message relation in Internet Explorer.
• Addressed a reported issue with navigating to and activating tab controls on web pages in Firefox.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where lists inside of a Navigation region on certain web pages were not being displayed correctly in Firefox.
• Addressed an issue with the "new tab page" message being announced at inappropriate times. This message should now only be heard when a browser tab opens
or closes.
• In Internet Explorer, addressed an issue where JAWS was not reading labels for clickable elements.
• Resolved reported issues encountered by some users when completing the JAWS Certification Exam.
• Resolved issues with JAWS reporting the incorrect state of check boxes when the Display Settings (DPI) was set higher than 100 percent which is often
the case on touch screen laptops and tablets.
• When selecting text in a multiline edit field in Google Chrome, resolved an issue where the selected text was not being indicated in braille.
• Addressed issues with form fields that use the aria-labelledby attribute not being seen by JAWS in Internet Explorer the same as they are in Firefox.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS was not correctly announcing links that contain the aria-describedby attribute in Internet Explorer.
• In Internet Explorer, resolved reported issues where check boxes and links were not working as expected inside of a div element using an ARIA role of
"grid". In addition, pressing INSERT+CTRL+B for a list of buttons on the page now works as expected inside an ARIA grid.
list end
Merry downloading & installing!
Take care.
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