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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Just FYI, I am using Jaws 18 and just went to the website and I am able to navigate it OK. I was able to select links like Holiday Hot Sauces, New Arrivals etc. and to arrow through the list of displayed results. I did find that there are no headings on the site so after I selected "Holiday Hot Sauces" it took me a bit to find the actual section, I had to page down a few times, then I realized I was in a listing of sauces and prices and then went back up until I came to the beginning. I could have used virtual find and looked for "Holiday" and found it much quicker.

I must say that Jaws 18 seems a lot better with some websites. For example, the webinterface was sort of like what Pamela described with Jaws 17, extremely sluggish and basically unuseable. With Jaws 18 I can navigate it although it is still just not as accessible as it once was, but that apparently is something Microsoft is aware of and is working on (at least I was told this by a Microsoft Accessibility person).

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Hi All,

I am trying to use the website, and navigating it with JAWS 17 is next to impossible. I have tried both IE and Firefox with similar results. It is so sluggish that it becomes unuseable.

Does anyone have any suggestions for making this site useable with JAWS?


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