Re: Comment pane in MS-Word 2016 and JAWS 18

Kevin Hourigan <kevinthourigan@...>

Hello Jasen,

Using the same configuration, for me, Jaws is intermittently not responding
to the reading commands; not going down a line, not going to the next word,
and most often, not reading character by character. It is only intermittent,
only in Word.

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Subject: Comment pane in MS-Word 2016 and JAWS 18

I'm running the latest Jaws 18.0.2118 and Microsoft Word 2016 with the
November update applied, under Windows 10.

If I insert a comment (Alt+R, C), the braille display continues to show the
main text of the document, even after I type text into the comment pane. If
I then use arrow keys to navigate, neither speech nor braille presents the
text of the comment.

Is anyone else on the list seeing this?

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