jaws 13 and flash

Robert Logue <bobcat11@...>

I am having some difficulties with jaws 13 and flash, and I wonder if other
people have noticed the same problems.

One. I now have to press enter on the play, pause button. Not all the
time. Only the first time I get to the page later on will work instead of
as well as the enter key.

2. It is still very difficult to skip fast-forward or rewind in a flash
file. If I turn the jaws cursor off, even though I'm close to the scrolbar,
. I press tab to go to the scrollbar. I end up on the address bar .
Instead of going to the next control on the page. Then I can't get the
contents of the page to display with the virtual cursor. This is happening
quite frequently and makes navigating webpages with flash quite difficult.

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