Re: Statistics software accessibility

Peter op t Hof


You can also use the stat-language R.

This is fully accessible and several blind people have published about it.

I use it for study and work.



Op 9-12-2016 om 04:41 schreef Tim Ford:

Hello Russell,

SPSS is supposed to be somewhat accessible, at least IBM seems to be claiming that, and IBM has a lot on SPSS accessibility, according to a browser search using the terms IBM, accessibility, and SPSS. I take it you have not been using SPSS?

Tim Ford

-----Original Message----- From: Russell Solowoniuk
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Subject: Statistics software accessibility

Hi everyone,

Our university is considering moving to a freeware statistics program called PSPP in place of SPSS.
Is anyone familiar with this freeware statistics program? Is it accessible with a screen reader? I'm not even sure that SPSS is accessible. Any comments on that?

Thanks for any and all help.

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