Re: Jaws 18 dragging in IE11

Kimber Gardner

Thanks for the tip re the new Yorker site.

On 12/8/16, Shai <> wrote:
Hello Kimberly,
I am using the new update to JAWS18 and Internet Explorer11 on a
Windows10 pc with the Eloquence speech synthesizer profile. With this
set up, I am not encountering the issues you describe. I went to the
New Yorker site and was also having a heck of a time reading the
articles too. I found that when I enabled an ad-blocker such as
Ad-block plus, the issue with the New Yorker site disappeared and the
responsiveness that I was used to in reading content returned. I have
had some crashes with leaving the ad-block plus enabled on certain
websites so you may want to disable it when sites are working but
having it available helps in this situation.

On 12/7/16, Kimber Gardner <> wrote:
Hi All,

I'm using Jaws 18 on my work laptop with windows 7 and IE11 and I'm
noticing quite a bit of dragging as I attempt to read through web
pages. For example, this morning I was trying to read an article in
the New Yorker and having a hell of a time. As I arrow down the page I
encountered several seconds of silence before Jaws would read each
line. Sometimes arrowing back up a few lines would sort of wake jaws
up and get it moving again.

I switched back to version 17 and the delays disappeared. I was able
to read the article with no problems or delays.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this?

Incidentally, I am using the previous release of version 18, not the
one that just released.




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